Ready to Maximize your resale value?

Traditionally auctions like Heritage (and other major auction houses) are the best place to sell high value coins. You can consign the coins through us and we will use our relationship with them to get you great rates. We are a recognized dealers with Heritage, PCGS and NGC. We know how to get your coins into auctions quickly and safely while providing you with the opportunity with the highest possible returns.

We provide insured shipping for your coins and evaluate them to get them into the right auctions and the right categories to get you the most money for your coins. Also, once your coins are consigned to us in a no reserve auction you can use that coin as interest free collateral to have us purchase other coins on your behalf.

Say there is another coin you want in the same auction as the coin you consigned, or from any other auction or dealer for that matter. We will buy that coin for you against your future proceeds interest free! You do not have to wait the normal 90 day cycles associated with the major auction circuit. Once you consign your coins with us you can begin spending your money immediately on other coins as long as they are purchased through us. Of course, certain limits apply, but because we do a very conservative business we stay very liquid and can be very flexible. We never used borrowed funds and never leverage any of your coins in any manner.