We all know we should never buy collector coins sight unseen.  This is the quickest way to wind up with coins that are substandard for the grade.  Anyone that knows anything about Plus Grading and CAC stickers understands how prevalant this is.   Even the best pictures cannot substitute for spinning a coin in hand.  We have all seen coins that look better or worse than the pictures, and if you buy from photos you will inevitably experience it.

Let us be your eyes for all Los Angeles Auctions.   We spend hours looking through all the lots in our local auctions and we can be your eyes as well.  We have dealers as well as clients trusting us to share what we see with them.  We will give you our honest and objective assessment of any coin.  Should you decide to have us bid on that coin for you we will do so for a small percentage fee. 

Our job is to take the emotion out of your buying.  We help you decide on the coins worth going after and do not let you get caught up in the emotional bidding wars that can leave you buried in a coin for years to come.