Are you a Numismatist?

This write up is on the lighter side. Today we ask: Can you spot a Numismatist?
I love collecting things. I do not know exactly why I do, nor do I really care anymore. The little capsules of history stamped out  in precious metals never fail to make me wish that coins could talk for them-selves to share with us all that they have come through [remove head from clouds here]. But I am here to say: My name is Armen and I am a Numismatist. While there is no known cure for this, I thought that the least I could do was share with the world, the signs of becoming a Numismatist in case your friends or family care enough to want to get you help.
Keeping track of all your coins has long ago become futile; as evidenced by how many times you have caught yourself saying “I forgot that I bought this”
We really believe that “just getting” that next thing will somehow finish something.
As much as we try to be level headed, we cannot understand the difference between retail and wholesale.
There is a thing called “eye-candy” and it has very little to do with price and you never set-out to buy it. It always just winds up coming home with you.
You know what it means to smile on the inside and all it takes is a nice coin and good light.
You keep at least one coin or piece or exonumia as a pocket piece.
You know what is a “pocket-piece.”
Your grandchildren know what proof sets are.
Your “other-half” has long given-up on trying to understand why you do this.
The “buy low” and “sell high” concept, just keeps being a concept.
So, the question is………
Are you a numismatist?