Got Hoards?

Few of us are not guilty of this potential anchor to our collecting ability. Hoarding is not collecting, but few of us understand this until it is way too late. Keeping substantial value in raw coins, or insubstantial "widgets" can be tying up money that could be best used elsewhere.

We took a collector with three full books of Morgan Silver dollars and a hoard of other raw coins and turned them into a top 50 PCGS Morgan Silver Dollar Set. We went through all three books of Morgan's and sent in anything that made sense to grade and even though he had three books full, that he bought from local dealers, we were still 11 coins short of a compete graded set. Many of the coins, even though they looked fine to him when he bought them, would not grade. They came back in the classic - cleaned, altered, damaged etc. Genuine Holders that we all get a bit disappointed over. But we did not stop there. We took his hoard of other "stuff," and Genuine Coins and fairly quickly turned it into money to buy the missing 11 coins. When we were done we handed the client a top 50 Morgan Silver Dollar set and a check for over $15,000. How long do you think it would have taken him to do that?

We never forget our job is to help you become the best collector/investor possible. And sometimes that means taking the hard steps of reducing your piles of "stuff" into a valuable collection. The first thing we ask our collectors is to think about their families and how difficult it will be for them to deal with some large unorganized hoard, vs. a premium set of PCGS or NGC graded coins. We all know the answer to that question.

Maximize your collecting potential, and protect your families estate by turning your hoard into a highly liquid asset. We can show you how.